Officials Mentoring Plan

Each apprentice official and newly certified official in USATF Adirondack will be given the opportunity to be assigned to a veteran official from within the Association to serve as their mentor.

While the program is voluntary, it has proven to be useful in introducing new members into the officiating community.

Mentors will introduce you to fellow officials, meet directors, and coaches.  They can also provide opportunities for you to work with experienced officials who help you become familiar with officiating protocols.

Mentors will guide you in selection of training classes, equipment and supplies you will need to carry, maintenance of your resume, and what you need to do to advance as an official.

Mentors can provide guidance in understanding rule applications; and by providing documents, forms, and links to best practices, help you become more comfortable with your new role.

Mentors can provide guidance in navigating the USATF National web-site at for access to member benefits and resources.